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When one hears the word 'Extraction' they imagine a very troublesome and painful procedure.

But, That's not the scenario.

With the discovery of Anesthetics, PAIN is an OLD thing. All dental extractions are managed in Conscious Sedation, and complicated ones in general Anesthesia.

You Don't Feel any PAIN at all.

Effect On Other Organs:

Dental Extraction is very safe surgical procedure. It is totally un related to eyesight or any other thing. The nerves supplying to teeth is different then that of the eyes. It was an old belief that originated due to patient fainting because of painful extractions carried without anesthesia. Now a days dentistry and oral surgery has reached a next level. You don't even feel the prick of the needle.

Myths Related to Baby Teeth:

" Your baby's teeth are just a temporary thing in mouth, if they decay, there is no problem, because they will fall off ".

This is the biggest misconception of all time.

Baby's teeth are sensitive, just like baby skin. They need more care. There are teeth coming below those baby teeth already Any kind of infection going below the baby teeth can catch the

Pain is the last thing that happens when you have a dental problem. Don't wait for pain to check-in Orthodontists are trained in treating dental irregularities, using wires or appliances to make a beautiful dental arrangement.

Visit your Dentist Regularly. It's FREE. and Only He/She can diagnose your dental problem at early stage..

Less Cost.

Less Trouble.

Happy you. :)

(Easy language is used to make it reach all commodities of patients, please co-relate).

1. Orthodontists- Orthodontists are trained in treating dental irregularities, using wires or appliances to make a beautiful dental arrangement.

2. Pedodontists- A Pedodontist is trained to treat oral & dental problems in children right from birth to adolescence. Age 0-12 years. He/She is your Milk Teeth Specialist.

3. Endodontists- An endodontist is specialized in treating the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the roots of the teeth. Root Canal Specialist.

4. Prosthodontists- Prosthodontists are trained in restoring and replacing damaged teeth. Artificial Tooth Specialist.

5. Maxillofacial Surgeon- A doctor who performs surgeries of the jaws, teeth and tongue. all soft and hard tissues in oral cavity.

6. Periodontist- Specialist to care for your gum diseases, loose teeth and bad breath.

7. Oral Pathologist- Oral Pathologist specialized in taking tissue samples from your mouth, studying them for problems and identification. They are involved in non-clinical but very important works related to your oral health.

What are the different dental treatments available?

Tapasya Dental Clinic Ujjain, has complete range of dental treatments based on your specific requirement.

⦁ 1.Dental fillings If there is a hole in your tooth, this procedure may be taken up by the doctor to fill the opening. The filling can be made of composites, GIC, resin based, amalgam, zinc.

⦁ 2. Dental bridges- The dentist would replace a broken tooth by this procedure with fixed teeth.

⦁ 3. Dental crowns- Crown is a covering which is fixed on the top of the tooth and acts as a cap for the tooth.

⦁ 4. Dental scaling and polishing- This procedure is usually performed in case you have a tartar accumulation. It helps to get rid of the hard deposits, stains on teeth, commonly known as 'Teeth Cleaning'.

⦁ 5. Root canal treatment- A root canal treatment helps you to keep your tooth safe which you would have otherwise lost. This treatment is carried out to treat an infected tooth from inside. Any delay can lead to problems, consult on time.

As, " Dentistry isn't EXPENSIVE, your NEGLECT is "!!!

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