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Tapasya Oral and Dental Clinic - Dr Pathak

World Class Dentistry, made affordable:

“Tapasya Oral & Dental Clinic” is a modern multispeciality dental clinic in Ujjain, specialized in advanced diagnostics and treatment of Oral & Dental problems at affordable costs with Finest Quality materials. Sterilization & Hygiene, COVID-19 Safety & sanitization maintained throughout.

Unified Approach & Friendly Dental Professional:

Dr Pathak is among the best dentists in Ujjain, He focuses on explaining the problem and outcome to his patients. We at Tapasya clinic provide a comprehensive dental solution for your entire family, keeping in mind the perspective of patient as well. Best & Painless Dental Care by experienced specialists.

Diagnostic X-Rays, Required Lab Tests, Dental Treatment, Oral Hygiene & counselling all at one place. We value your suggestions & plan the treatment accordingly. Patient Safety & Satisfaction is our foremost priority. Be it an extraction of tooth, root canal treatment, kids teeth decay, pain and swelling, complete denture or removable denture or fracture ! We provide Cure with Care!

Why choose Tapasya Clinic ?

Premium Quality & Care yet Low Price

Reasonable prices at Tapasya Multispeciality Dental Clinic, made hundreds of people smile as never before!! We focus on giving minimum medication, least radiation exposure, reduce trauma to tissue, focusing on best dental care, painless dentistry, High quality equipment & dental materials at a price that anyone can afford, making dental treatment more accessible for all. Finally, great quality with a great price!

Flexible Work Hours

We are available in morning and evening for appointed as well as new patients. We work during all national holidays, besides working till late during the regular days. In case of dental emergency, we accept Weekend & Late Night bookings on phone call too, take appointment & just check in. Innovation has put an END to your dental problems. Think Dentistry... Think Tapasya !
Paperless billing, prescription on e-mail, appointment and payment sms / WhatsApp reminders, cashless payments from home and what not ! Tapasya Clinic Ujjain, is fully digital clinic. It's Time for you NOW, #goDigital.

Easy Online Dental Appointment

First #DigitalClinic in Ujjain, with a facility to Book Online Dental Appointments in realtime. Paperless procedure (if asked for), prescription, reports & casepapers over e-mail and what not ! Now Don’t wait outside any other dental clinic for HOURS. Just Book Online Dental appointment at Tapasya Clinic and visit with your convenience. Online Dental Appointments are CASHLESS & EASY ! (Just 3 Clicks & done) You also get Welcome DISCOUNT of Rs 100/- after giving ratings & sharing the screenshot on next visit. Don’t postpone your dental treatment, BOOK NOW! & Share this message.

Doctors at Tapasya Multispeciality Clinic

Dr Arpit Pathak

B.D.S. , M.B.A. (H.A.)
(Oral And Dental Surgeon, Hospital Administrator)

Dr Bhamini Pathak

(Dental Surgeon)

Dr Yashasvi Pathak

(Consultant Homeopathic Physician)

Dr S K Pathak

(Consultant Doctor)

Mr Shaitan Singh Rawat & Team

(Dental Lab Technician)

Main Facilities Available

We provide quality treatment, painless and advance dental care, with specialist visit whenever required. One destination for all oral/dental problems, from bad breath to tooth fractures, to root canal treatment & dental cap. From digital x-rays and sugar / BP tests to complete denture and tobacco counselling, We provide Cure with Care. Tapasya Oral & Dental Clinic is a multispecialty dental clinic in Ujjain, which specializes in:

Dental Check Up

Tooth Decay & Restoration

Dental Restoration - Tapasya Clinic

Emergency Dentistry

dental emergency - Tapasya Clinic

Milk Teeth & Kids Dental Problems

baby teeth pain - kids dental

Dental Implants

Implant Dentist Ujjain

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal RCT in Ujjain

Orthodontics - Braces

Braces Treatment in Ujjain

Gum Diseases - Cleaning

Bad Breath-Teeth Cleaning-Tapasya Clinic

Oral Surgery

Painful Wisdom Tooth removal-Tapasya Clinic

Denture & Crown Bridge

Dental Cap, Bridge - Tapasya Clinic

Wheel Chair Accessible

Best Dental Clinic - Dentist Open Ground Floor

“ We Value Your Suggestions" - So Please Give :