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Gum Diseases

♦ It is a common notion that a beautiful smile is attributed only to the teeth. However, a beautiful smile has two components – teeth & gums.

♦ Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, are useful only if you have healthy gums, GUM Disease can be preceded by Teeth Sensitivity, Pain in Teeth, Hot-Cold sensation.

What is Gum Disease?

♦Your gums bleed sometimes when you brush your teeth, or maybe you notice that some of your gums are receding, exposing more of certain teeth. What is normal and when is it time to take action.

♦Well… first of all, your gums should never bleed when brushing or flossing, so if they do, it’s time to take action before the situation worsens. Give ‘Tapasya Oral & Dental Clinic’ a call to schedule an examination. We need to assess the condition of your gums before the condition worsens and you develop more serious gum disease that requires costlier and time-intensive treatment.


♦ This is the mild form of inflammation of the gums caused by the development of plaque along the gum line. In this condition, the bone surrounding & supporting the teeth is not affected.

Periodontal Disease

♦ If gingivitis is ignored & not treated on time, it results in Periodontitis. At this stage infection of the gum tissue spreads to the inner attachments of the teeth such as surrounding bone and the tooth supporting tissue. This results in shifting or loosening of teeth which eventually fall or need to remove by a dentist.

How to know if I’m having a gum disease?

If you are suffering from gum problems, you can find some common symptoms listed below:

• Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing

• Red, tender or swollen gums

• Reducing gum line

• Bad breath

• Pus between teeth and gums

• Loose teeth


♦ Taking an active role in your oral hygiene is important to maintain healthy gums. Brush at least twice and floss at least once daily. Sticking to a regular dental checkup schedule in our office helps to diagnose gum disease at its earliest stages, when it is most treatable in the least expensive way.

♦ How long has it been since your last cleaning and check-up? Call us today and schedule an appointment, especially if you’ve noticed any bleeding or swelling in your gums lately!

The treatment option depends on the severity of problem. Sometimes you may be advised some medications or we may advise you treatment options.