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Dental Diagnosis

♦ Diagnosis or disease finding is a distinct science in itself - at the “Tapasya Oral Health” it is aided by special diagnostic equipment with Intra Oral Cameras, Radio Visuograms (RVG), Pulp Vitality Testing, TMJ Auscultation Etc.

♦ Along with dental aspects other aspects of health can be monitored at one place, such as: Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure Etc.

X Rays are widely used in dentistry for:

  • Accessing the depth of cavity or teeth decay
  • Examining the root and surrounding bone
  • Checking for abnormalities
  • Checking the development to teeth
  • General study of teeth and bone structure

  • Types Of X-Rays Used By Dentist:

    1. Bite-Wing

    ♦ Offers a visual of both the lower and upper posterior teeth. This type of X-ray shows the dentist how these teeth touch one another (or occlude) and helps to determine if decay is present between back teeth.

    2. Occlusal

    ♦ Offers a clear view of the floor of the mouth to show the bite of the upper or lower jaw. This kind of X-ray highlights children’s tooth development to show the primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth.


    ♦ Digital x ray of the tooth that can be viewed on the computer screen, shared and stored in kilobytes and not on perishable films.

    4. Panoramic

    ♦ Shows a view of the teeth, jaws, nasal area, sinuses and the joints of the jaw, and is usually taken when a patient may need orthodontic treatment or implant placement.

    5. CBCT

    ♦ Less radiation CT of the skull. The machine is incorporated in the simple full mouth xray (OPG) machine – so the patient does not have to be subjected to the claustrophobic experience of the normal CT procedure.


    ♦ Side profile x ray of the skull and soft tissues and is used to take various measurements to determine and assess the current and future relationship of the upper and lower jaw and assess your bite.